For entrepreneur

You are doing well, but it could still go better by expanding your operations.


For investor

Invest directly in the enterprise. Capital gain 12-25%, various sectors.



You have a great idea, but you need an investor, partner or require additional resources.



Why SwistBankers?


On-line reporting

Online reporting

We would like to offer you the oppotunity to monitor your investments through the reporting of the enterprise, represented in the form of tables and graphs, to examine the results of analysis through the interface of the electronic table (after data input reports will be automatically created).

We want to provide you with the opportunity through the form for exchange of information to ask questions to right holders, owners of firms as well as our analysts. If you wish the entire investment process can be recored in the form of notes or questions and answers and placed in the archive. Our IT professionals are responsible for the security of the information provided, as well as for data protection and security.

We offer a possibility to be informed about the developments that are taking place continuously, when you connect to the Internet using a browser, user ID and password.

Also we wish to encourage investors to seek the desired reporting on the potential clients who have registered themselves with us. In case of any changes we will contact you immediately.